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Nverse Villainz Reflects Dark&Grey thoughts with Great Wines!

Hi and welcome to our second blog at Nverse-Villainz. Now I created this second blog cause a lot of people have been confused with the direction of Nverse villainz. We are a licenced clothing line and we’ll be releasing our creations by end of 2019 for our fans to purchase.

I built this site to of my own personal indulgence . I have realised that now I’m getting older, a lot of my taste has changed and I’m becoming wiser you find yourself slowing down and not being so reckless, for example like pulling all nighters drinking yourself crazy drunk and playing who’s who in the morning with one or several chicks you had crazy sex with who are still laying in your bed at 11:00 am in morning. If you still call that mornIng some people would call It brunch. All well! Topic for another time.

It’s funny how we can’t remember much about the night, but we always remember if the person is worth calling for next time we need that sexual healing.  Well now you get to enjoy, the weIrd thoughts and tales of Villain VanMichaels creator and designer of Nervse -Vllainz  Metal/Alternative Clothing Co. Las Vegas

WARNING- This is not the site you want to have laying open for the kids to  read, once I get going you’ll see what I’m saying.

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